Miae Ham: Towards Unity Beyond Time

Transcend through time as Miae unveils her mastery of *Hanji as well as her take on diverse mixed media, where vibrant hues and illumaniting creativity converge in a mesmerizing dance of light and colour.

Featured Artist

As A Late Rain (1999-2023), Mixed media on Hanji

*Hanji, crafted from mulberry bark, is a cherished traditional Korean medium in artistry, prized for its strength, versatility, and role in enhancing the aesthetic expression of various creative works.

The Latest Buzz

“Color is a sensory experience, it cannot be learned, it is experienced and encountered while travelling. The blue of the Mediterranean sea, the yellow in Naples, the red and black in China...”

- Michel Beaucage

Flora II, Oil on canvas, 160 cm x 137 cm